Saturday, 5 July 2014

Dreams To Fly- Krishna

We were trying to stabilize our second center for which we were taking weekend classes in an open ground in the Chinhat slum. The number of students was approaching to a decent number day by day but still we used to notice one lad every day that used to wander in the open ground, playing with marbles, watching others study but preferred to stand and watch. In spite of being asked many times to attend the classes, he was rigid enough not to. Finally after cajoling for a month or so, he started to sit halfheartedly with us, when he saw that others were actually enjoying the classes. It was then that we got to know our cute devil, KRISHNA. 
Krishna resides in the same slum with his family. He has 10 brothers and 3 sisters. Yes, you read it correctly; he has 13 siblings surviving in a very low monthly income. But we could see a shine on his face, though he didn't have fancy clothes to wear, he didn't take bath regularly, he had dirt covering his body but still there was a charm in his personality, an attitude saying 'I'm not inferior to anyone'. So that's how he started his classes with us and now he knows complete ABCD and loves to recite it in front of anyone without any hesitation. He is one of those kids who have been transformed drastically. It gives us immense satisfaction that Krishna who also used to beg like his brothers has now quit it completely. He knows that those who study don't beg. 
One day, we got to know that Krishna was seen smoking BIDI (Indian Cigarette) with one of his friends of his age. We were shocked with the fact that these children indulged in such practices at such a tender age. But that is the tragedy of these 'ignored by all' slums and its dwellers. After all, kids imitate their elders, copy whatever they see them doing, so we had to take extra classes on 'Effects of Smoking and Tobacco Chewing'. After this, Krishna promised us never to smoke and is scared of the ill-effects of smoking. 
It feels really good when we see him improving day by day. Now he's taller, more polite, much cleaner and most importantly way more interested in studying and learning. He wants to be a pilot and wants to drive all types of wagons, not because he has a passion for driving but because he is fascinated by these vehicles. We just hope and pray that one day Krishna meets his Angel Fortuna who makes his dreams come true. 

If you want to hear Krishna's story from him, click on the link below:
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