Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Suraj- The Visionary Child

Childhood is a golden era of our lives, and there is no denying that it is an inseparable part of our lives. We all cherish that time, when all we had to worry about was that little lost marble or the gully cricket match next Saturday or how to fool our neighbours on 1st of April. Among this, School was the best part of our childhood. We all loved our school-days and still can't get over those carefree fun days. Are we starting to feel nostalgic?
Now imagine, if one day in the middle of this golden time, somehow you just can't go to school from the next day! Apparently, because your father can't bear to pay the school fee anymore and you are forced to drop out. Scary, isn't it?
Suraj is one of the many dropout kids who come to our centres. He used to go to school along with an elder and a younger sister. Everything was going fine and Suraj was loving every tiny bit about his school. He liked studying and loved playing with his buddies in the school. Little did he know that his happiness wasn't going to last long and he had to drop out his school because of the dwindling financial situation of his family day by day. His father, being a labour wasn't able to take care of the whole family along with the three kids going to a low-fee private school. So he had to get the kids out of the school and yes, Suraj missed his school days. This 11 year old kid understood the situation of his family and made no complaints whatsoever. 

We have been lucky to have got him back to his school and are putting our best efforts to get his dreams come true. All Suraj has is a vision to study and get his family out of this circle of poverty so that no other kid from his family has to ever drop out from his/her school. We are sure that such a determined soul one day will achieve what he aims for!
We are also working out a way to get his sisters back to school. You can become a big support in this effort by sponsoring these children.
Trust us, it does not cost much! 

Spreading Smiles- Adarsh

We all love to be around a happy soul. A happy soul always lifts your mood and makes you see life in a different perspective. In recent times, when everyone is busy running after materialistic things, rarely do we get to meet such happy souls. 
Adarshnaath, a 22 year lad, is one such happy soul who always loves to spread happiness wherever he goes. He has been volunteering with us for over 10 months now and has been an integral part of the kids’ lives. Kids love his classes as they are full of fun. Even during events, when things get tensed and the team finds it difficult to chill, Adarsh comes to our rescue with his sense of humour. He tends to lighten up our mood with his witty jokes without losing his focus on the work.
Adarsh feels bad whenever he gets to know of a kid who is involved in any sort of addiction (tobacco, cigarettes etc) and always tries to counsel the kid, making him aware of the consequences.
May God bless Adarsh with happiness and hope he keeps spreading smiles wherever he goes.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Mr. Mrigank Tiwari- A Philanthropic Soul

Philanthropy is one trait which you may not be born with but you can definitely develop it with passage of time. But for most of us, it comes from within and runs in our veins. A five year old kid letting go of his chocolate bar for an eight year old beggar is also philanthropy, a sixth standard girl giving free tuitions to her maid's six year old kid is also philanthropy. A housewife inviting the poor kids dwelling in a nearby slum to her backyard and helping them with their studies is also a perfect example of philanthropy. So, it is not just about spending money for a cause, it is also how passionately you feel about the cause and react to the challenges our society faces everyday.

Last year we got a chance to meet one such philanthropic soul, Mrigank Tiwari. Mrigank got to know about Sarthak Foundation through his cousin Vaibhav Dubey, who has been an integral family member of Sarthak Foundation. Like we said, philanthropy comes to Mrigank naturally and he has been doing his bit since forever. He has been involved in making people aware about organ donation in Mumbai, sponsoring education of kids in Pune and has been giving back to the society every now and then. In Sarthak Foundation, he has been making sure that we arrange different activities for our kids for cleanliness and make them aware of the importance of hygiene in their lives.

We would like to thank Mrigank not for just helping us but also for being so sensitive about his responsibilities towards the society. May our world be blessed with many more such souls! God bless you Mrigank :)