Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Spreading Smiles- Adarsh

We all love to be around a happy soul. A happy soul always lifts your mood and makes you see life in a different perspective. In recent times, when everyone is busy running after materialistic things, rarely do we get to meet such happy souls. 
Adarshnaath, a 22 year lad, is one such happy soul who always loves to spread happiness wherever he goes. He has been volunteering with us for over 10 months now and has been an integral part of the kids’ lives. Kids love his classes as they are full of fun. Even during events, when things get tensed and the team finds it difficult to chill, Adarsh comes to our rescue with his sense of humour. He tends to lighten up our mood with his witty jokes without losing his focus on the work.
Adarsh feels bad whenever he gets to know of a kid who is involved in any sort of addiction (tobacco, cigarettes etc) and always tries to counsel the kid, making him aware of the consequences.
May God bless Adarsh with happiness and hope he keeps spreading smiles wherever he goes.

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