Friday, 10 February 2017

Mr. Mrigank Tiwari- A Philanthropic Soul

Philanthropy is one trait which you may not be born with but you can definitely develop it with passage of time. But for most of us, it comes from within and runs in our veins. A five year old kid letting go of his chocolate bar for an eight year old beggar is also philanthropy, a sixth standard girl giving free tuitions to her maid's six year old kid is also philanthropy. A housewife inviting the poor kids dwelling in a nearby slum to her backyard and helping them with their studies is also a perfect example of philanthropy. So, it is not just about spending money for a cause, it is also how passionately you feel about the cause and react to the challenges our society faces everyday.

Last year we got a chance to meet one such philanthropic soul, Mrigank Tiwari. Mrigank got to know about Sarthak Foundation through his cousin Vaibhav Dubey, who has been an integral family member of Sarthak Foundation. Like we said, philanthropy comes to Mrigank naturally and he has been doing his bit since forever. He has been involved in making people aware about organ donation in Mumbai, sponsoring education of kids in Pune and has been giving back to the society every now and then. In Sarthak Foundation, he has been making sure that we arrange different activities for our kids for cleanliness and make them aware of the importance of hygiene in their lives.

We would like to thank Mrigank not for just helping us but also for being so sensitive about his responsibilities towards the society. May our world be blessed with many more such souls! God bless you Mrigank :)

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