Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dream to Spread the Happiness- Kalona

"A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. " - Hugh Downs.

As Mr. Downs clearly quotes, happiness does not come from where we live, what we eat, what we wear or what we earn, it comes from within. A happy person is not a person who resides in a lavish palace or who earns millions a month. A happy person is one who knows how to live happy. It doesn't matter if he lives in a palace or in a slum. He has this tendency to earn happiness out of each and everything from his day-to-day routine.
There are two types of persons in the world, those who run after happiness all their lives but are never able to get it and those who simply live their lives and happiness comes running after them. The second type is mostly found in places where one could hardly expect happiness to be. Some people can't be happy when they get an annual appraisal hike of 20% of their salary because they were expecting 25%. Whereas some people find happiness in a single piece of sweet which they are going to share with their family. Happiness is actually nothing but a state of mind.
Most of us think that these days, no one is happy and satisfied with their present conditions. We also used to think like this until we visited slums for our study centers. Be it our Malhaur Centre or Chinhat centre or our newly born Vikas Nagar Centre, the situations are almost same everywhere and so are the people.
Kalona, a five year old student at our Chinhat centre, clearly knows where and how to find happiness. She has one elder and one younger sister at her place and you can easily see the bond of love among the three siblings. Kalona loves to play with her sisters. In spite of all the scolding Kalona gets from her elder sister, she loves her too.
Kalona knows that her sisters love sweets, specially the elder one. So every time we distribute sweets among the students as a token of appreciation, she never eats her piece of sweet and keeps it aside for her sisters and most importantly, she does it HAPPILY. There's no pressure on her to keep it for them but she does, deliberately and happily. This is the bond of happiness she shares with her loved ones. These are small things for us but such things do matter to her. Kalona is a happy person one would love to meet. You can always find a satisfying grin on her childish face. If you want to see a happy person, go and find Kalona in her slum playing in the open ground with her sisters, in no shade to sun.
We have learnt from her that happiness can be found anywhere, in any form, with anyone. All we need to find out is what is the source of our happiness. External factors can never affect our happiness. It's only a state of mind. Some may differ from my point of view but this is what I have learned till now and is actually a personal approach towards happiness.

To listen to Kalona's full story from her, please click on the link below and watch the full video:
"Dream to Spread the Happiness- Kalona"