Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dare to Dream- Sanjana

You always get to learn something new whenever you start something fresh. We humans always tend to discover new things out of every task we perform in our day to day lives. Sometimes it may turn out to be quite shocking and unbelievable. In our case also, when we started our endeavour towards teaching the underprivileged, we actually discovered a lot of untouched facts of our society. The more we got into their lives, the more shocking facts we got to know each day. Among these, one of the facts that really shook us was the condition of primary education in our government schools.
This story revolves around Sanjana, one of our brightest students. Sanjana, who has 5 sisters and 3 brothers, comes from a family where education for the girl-child is not a priority for the family. She goes to a nearby government primary school but is strictly told by her mother that her studies are not going to last beyond 5th grade. She is very sincere and bright when it comes to classes and it was from her that we learnt about the actual situation of her government school. In her class, there are around 50 students who come from the lower income families. They rely on the school for their career and education but there is hardly any teaching happening. Sanjana told us that her teacher hardly comes to class and even if she does, she comes only for the attendance and then sends some senior students to teach. This is how children survive in most of the primary schools run by our government.
Due to this situation Sanjana totally depends on our open study centre which is helping her. She rarely talks about her family in front of anyone but whenever she does, you can find her eyes moist. Her mother is an alcohol addict and Sanjana really feels bad about her mother and wants her to quit alcohol completely.
Sanjana, in spite of being so sincere towards our classes, has to skip them at times as her mother wants her to finish the daily chores before leaving home.
Sanjana loves to go to school as she likes her classmates, she likes their company a lot but at the same time, she wishes that her teacher teaches them sincerely.
Sanjana is just a small example of how big the problem is of our system being so inconsiderate when it comes to education. If she would have been taught properly in her school she would have not needed us. And why only Sanajana, all the students who go to primary government schools, depend on them for their education. When the parents see their children not benefiting in terms of education, they lose their interest and stop sending the children to schools.
So if we really want the underprivileged children of our country to be educated, the government and the society will have to work together in the direction for stabilizing the current situation of our Primary Schools. Hope it gets better soon! 

If you want to hear Sanajana's story from her, click on the link below:

"Dare to Dream- Sanjana"