Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Priyanka's Dream- A New Life with the same Zeal

These days, we can easily find ourselves crying over petty issues in our lives. Issues which are actually petty and can easily be ignored but we choose to crib over them ignoring all the fortunate things we have got. Some people have salary issues in their office because the 7 digits salary they get annually is not enough to bear their expenses, some people are tired with their health because of the migraine attacks they get once a week,some are not satisfied with their 3 BHK apartments because their colleague recently bought a 4 BHK apartment, some are frustrated with their relationships because their partner demands too much of their time and this list goes on.
Have we ever thought of the actual problems which a person may have in her/his life? There are numerous people in our country who don’t have enough sources of income, houses to live in, food to feed their children, money to buy medicines and they lack in each and every necessity.

Priyanka, one of the oldest students of our Chinhat centre,belongs to one such family. She has 5 siblings (all sisters) who along with their parents and an uncle live together. Her father drives a taxi and this is the only source of income for the family. Still, most of the times, he somehow manages to feed them properly. But lately he has taken ill and has not been able to go to work. This was the start of the real problems in Priyanka’s family.There was no one who could earn for the family. So they had to be dependent on Priyanka’s uncle. He plays Dhol in the wedding bands and doesn’t earn much. Though her father is admitted in a government hospital, the family is not able to bear his medical expenses.

With all these problems, the education of 6 girls is neglected, for obvious reasons. They don’t go to school now (previously they attended government school) and they are dependent on our regular classes now. Every single thing they need seems to be out of their reach now, be it proper food, proper residence, proper medicines and even proper education.
After all these problems, the commendable part about this family is that they have not lost their zeal to live. The family doesn’t allow their daughters to go and beg like other kids in the locality. Although they have lost everything they had, they still have not lost the hope, the zeal to live and this is what makes them stand together as a family no matter what.
We all should learn from such families around our lives. They do not have enough resources like we do but still they have chosen to live their lives with full optimism than cribbing for what they don’t have. In spite of all the difficulties, they have chosen to live the life to its fullest and make the most out of it and with the dream to have a better life.

To listen to Priyanka's full story from her, please click on the link below and watch the full video:

"Priyanka's Dream- A New Life with the same Zeal"