Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dream Big- Ajay

Have you ever noticed a Kid working on a small tea shop, washing utensils, serving tea, running here and there to take orders at small restaurants? You can find them easily at any small restaurants taking orders, at tea shops serving tea, at nearby confectionery shops selling stuff or a small tire puncture repairing shops looking after burst tires of bicycles. These kids are not ordinary kids, these kids tolerate a lot of physical and mental abuses every day, they work their heads off and get nothing in return but a bread to survive, they have no one to complain and they don’t even know if they should really complain about it at all. Most of them have already accepted it as their fate and they try to live maximum out of it. They do whatever they are asked to with a smile on the face, though a sad one. But not all of them are the same. There are some, who come out of their shell and let the world know what they are capable of doing and moreover what they want to do.

In our Chinhat Centre, we also get to know one lad of such kind, AJAY. In spite of having strong inclination towards study, Ajay had to work at a nearby tire repairing shop because of his family background. Both his parents are alcoholic and don’t work at all. His father considers his age (which is mere 11 years) old enough not to study but work and earn something for the family. Ajay used to get 100 rupees on daily basis from the shop where he worked but in return he had to face the abuses from the owner. He didn’t like to go there but had to because of his father. But when he saw us, teaching kids in his locality, he finally gathered his courage and left the job. He started coming to our classes and now he is one of those most sincere students in our classes. He loves to study as he has never been introduced to any kind of formal schooling ever.

Ajay is one of those few kids who dare to come out of their unfortunate conditions and struggle to get a better life. He has to struggle everyday to come to our class but he’s just not ready to let go of it. He knows very well what is good and what is bad for him. You can always see a strange, pre-matured maturity on his face. But he never lets you feel sorry for him. He shares his sorrow with you and draws a dark patch of sadness but quickly lightens the environment with a meaningful ambitious smile which clearly shows how desperately he wants to change his fortune.

Ajay clearly knows how can he change his situation and he is working towards it with the help of our classes. And hopefully, we will definitely make a change in his life and light it with the happiness all around.

If you want to hear Ajay's story from him, please click on the link below:
"Dream Big- Ajay"