Monday, 29 September 2014


There is a phase in everyone's life they never want to forget, there is a time frame in everyone's story which they never want to get over, the time which draws a curve on our lips whenever we talk about it. The time when we were free like a wind, chirpy like a bird, bold as a king and fast as a tiger. This magical epoch is called 'The Childhood'. 
The childhood gives everything one would want to have to enjoy one's life. It sublimes our lives with the most beautiful things in the world…freedom, ease, carelessness, selfishness and most important Happiness. The childhood lets one to enjoy the most enjoyable part of one's life. The part which one can never forget about, which one will always miss and which will never come back. This is the most important part of our lives, this is when we learn the most and this is only when we actually see things without any pre-formed perception. During childhood, we are considered as the ones with lesser understanding but this is the only phase when we can see things like they actually are, without thinking of any profit or loss, without any selfishness being involved, without any assumptions and perceptions already formed, we see things exactly how mother nature created them for us. 

The best thing about childhood is, you always enjoy whatever circumstances you are in. Even if you are living in the streets or in a slum, you accommodate yourself with the surroundings and you start liking the place just like the ones living in the mighty palaces. You don't complain, you don't wish for better, you don't ask for more. All you do is to live your live to its fullest. There exists no terms such as a ruined childhood or bad memories or under-privileged, when you are in that stage. These terms actually take place in our lives when we grow up and our childhood leaves us behind.
Even today, whenever we 'Grown Ups' look into our past and recall our childhood, only good memories come into our mind. The childhood never leaves any bad memory because there is no bad memory when you are a child. It's always winning or learning. But the only bad thing about this epic era in our lives is, it doesn't last very long. With the blink of an eye, it leaves us behind with nothing but memories, such sweet memories for life - carefree, selfless and daring childhood memories are left behind. So hold it tight while you are still a child, for once gone, there will only be memories.

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